How to Be an Ethical Vegan For Beginners

Picture of a little piglet chewing on a piece of hay

Let’s face it. We live in a world where animal cruelty is literally everywhere, even if it’s not on a dinner plate. Most vegans like myself feel uncomfortable by this reality on some kind of level. Since most of us are in it to save the lives of all living creatures, feeling uneasy would only make sense, right? After all, there is nothing crueler than dairy farms, slaughterhouses, and animal testing. At that point, learning how to be an ethical vegan and live a cruelty-free lifestyle makes perfect sense.

Yet, many vegans blur the line between being an ethical vegan and just an elitist little bitch with a label. In fact, have you noticed how whenever you mention you’re a vegan, people automatically assume you’re an extremist? If you know you aren’t, then being an ethical vegan should embody everything a militant isn’t: kind, compassionate, and authentic. And if you’re a beginner wanting to learn how to be an ethical vegan, then read on, my dear. This article is for you!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Picture of a dear with a quote describing ethical veganism as "where kindness is concerned, make no distinction between humans and other living beings"

By definition, ethical veganism is about promoting living kindness to all animals and breathing creatures on the planet. Going further, kindness is defined as being selfless and considerate of others. With both of these in mind, what could be more perfect than simply calling yourself an “ethical vegan”? Extending the values of love and compassion to not only the animals but your fellow human beings too, vegan or not. After all, what’s the point in calling yourself “ethical” if you can’t put your money where your mouth is and be kind to all living beings?

Live Without a Cucumber Up Your Ass

hand grasping a giant green cucumber

If you want to know what is an ethical vegan, remember it’s the farthest thing from being “holier than thou”. Face it, shoving your opinions down anyone and everyone’s throats will choke them rather than making them swallow easy. Is it really “ethical” to choke someone who might not even want to swallow in the first place? Absolutely not. In fact, being self-righteous and condescending is anything but kind and compassionate. Keep the cucumber on the plate and out of your ass – Your friends, family, and fellow vegans will thank you!

Put the Animals Before Your Ego

Image with a picture of animals saying: "all animals want to live - erase the dividing line"

When we argue amongst ourselves, it tends to become a competition of who is more vegan than the other. At that point, we forget that cows and chickens could give two fucks about our entitlement of being right. All of the pigs in the slaughterhouse don’t care about how many likes you’re getting on an article condemning vegans you see as “less than”. Ultimately, being an ethical vegan is not about you or your entitlement of being right. If you forget about that, then the animals you so very love will be in danger too.

Learning How to Be an Ethical Vegan Means Being Kind to Yourself

Being an ethical vegan is being kind to yourself as quoted on this cartoon cup: "you cant pour from an empty cup. take care of yourself first"

Out of every tip I’ve given, being kind to yourself is the most important for many reasons. For starters, you wouldn’t beat up an animal the way you beat yourself up; it’s time to treat yourself with compassion. Allow yourself to make mistakes even decades after being vegan because it’s better than wasting energy on self-hate. Forget about the vegan police and clergy trying to define the laws and be your own definition of being an ethical vegan. Truly, if you want to learn how to be an ethical vegan, start with yourself and be the bad bitch vegan I know you can be! <3

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